Companies from 13 countries — including the United States, France, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Japan, Singapore, Canada, the Netherlands, Austria and South Korea — operate in the Arakan Sea. According to a report released by AOW (Arakan Oil Watch) on November 19, 2021, most of Myanmar’s revenue comes from taxes from the natural gas industry. 

Despite decades of civil war, political conflicts and poverty, Myanmar seemingly emerged from military dictatorship with the holding of 2010 multi-party general elections. Just over a decade later, the Myanmar military seized power on February 1, 2021, after a third multi-party election and after two terms of successive governments elected by the people. 

In the not-too-distant past, the government and ethnic armed groups reached an understanding and took a renewed approach to finding political solutions to political problems, noting the high cost of war to lives, livelihoods, the environment and much more.  

In 2018, Myanmar and CITIC Group signed a framework agreement on the deep-sea project. The following year, the Chinese firm hired Canadian company HATCH to supervise the environmental impact assessment (EIA) and a “pre-geo survey.” But experts from the Canadian firm was able to visit Kyaukphyu only one time due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

In early September, photos of locals in Hsin Swel Ya village volunteering for road construction work were posted on social media. The damaged road was muddy, washed out and difficult if not impossible to traverse by foot or vehicle.  

Arakan State has a long history of being a de facto nation and has a strong geographical location. It also has a strong literary and artistic heritage, as well as a wealth of resources and infrastructure to provide good food and services to its people. There are people in Arakan State who will be satisfied under an Arakan government and administration that can lead the people to security and development.  

A group of young people can be seen playing football in a field. It is gratifying to see so many young people competing so fiercely. Isn’t physical activity very important for health reasons? However, there are many elderly people sitting on the field’s sidelines, some wearing masks but others without masks. I wander off in front of an audience that could be infected. 

Looking back on the 1990s and 2000s, bookstores are one of the fondest memories of my childhood. I miss the feeling of competing with others to get my hands on a book, every time a new one by my favorite author arrived; I miss reading it; and memorising my favourite words by writing them down in notebooks.

Every country has a national security concept. The concept of “national security” has been interpreted by many scholars in many ways, and national security is still defined today. The concept of nationalism in part means the perception of national security. I don’t know exactly how to translate the English word “Nation” into the Myanmar language. 

The coronavirus, which originated in Wuhan, China, has been threatening people around the world since December 2019. Humanity has not yet been able to defeat the virus, which invades the respiratory system, attacks the lungs and takes lives.