Aung Kaung Zaw | DMG
6 May, Manaung

A social aid group in Lay Taung town, Ramree Township, is entertaining people under quarantine in the town with songs.

Ko Soe Min Naing, head of the group, said the musical entertainment is being provided in an effort to ward off feelings of depression among those required to undergo 21-day quarantines as part of the government’s COVID-19 prevention and mitigation strategy.

“They have returned from abroad or other areas in Myanmar. We want to show them that we are with them during quarantine,” Ko Soe Min Naing said.

More than 50 people are under facility quarantine at five locations in Lay Taung, according to the town’s COVID-19 prevention committee.

“The committee has provided water and electricity access at the facilities. Their family members provide food for them. The committee is checking their health every day,” said Ko Tin Moe, information officer of the committee.

People under quarantine in Kyaukphyu are also being treated to musical entertainment.

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