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20 July, Taungup 

The chair of the Arakan National Party (ANP) in Taungup Township’s Maei town has been released after being held in military custody for more than a month, reportedly on suspicion of having links to the Arakan Army. 

“I was neither beaten nor tortured in military detention,” U Myo Lwin told DMG. “I was interrogated by military personnel. I am very pleased about being released by the military because I was arrested without any reason or evidence.” 

Authorities including security personnel and a Maei town ward administrator arrived at the home of U Myo Lwin and took him away in handcuffs on June 9. He was reportedly held in detention by a military regiment in Ann Township and released on July 12. 

Lawyer U Tin Nyo, a member of the ANP’s Central Executive Committee, said someone may have levelled an accusation against U Myo Lwin, “but the military didn’t find firm evidence to charge him.”  

U Tin Nyo added: “He will be transferred to the Maei police station and charged under the Counter-Terrorism Law if the military finds him guilty of wrongdoing. U Myo Lwin was freed because he was found not guilty.” 

Elsewhere in Taungup Township, the joint secretary of the Chatphauk village ANP office and a local party member were also detained by the military last month, with the duo yet to be released from custody. 

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