(Caption: An election campaign signboard of the National League for Democracy at the corner of the market in Maei town, Taungup Township, was destroyed in September.)

Khin Tharaphy Oo | DMG
22 September, Sittwe 

Six election signboards for the National League for Democracy (NLD) were destroyed in Arakan State’s Taungup and Myebon townships during the first two weeks of the 2020 general election’s official campaign period, according to NLD members and local residents. 

Between September 11 and 20, NLD signboards in Taungup Township’s Maei town and the villages of Chaung Thone Gwa, Nat Kan and Ywama were destroyed. 

On September 18, NLD signboards near Myoma market and Nat Chaung village in Myebon Township were also destroyed. 

“Election campaigns are about getting people’s votes and political parties need to try doing that honestly. Destroying opponents’ signboards does not benefit the election,” said NLD member and Arakan State lawmaker U Min Aung from Taungup Township.  

Political signage is taking on uniquely 2020 importance in the election campaigns of political parties ahead of this year’s vote, with in-person canvassing activities like rallies prohibited under current COVID-19 restrictions. 

The NLD has opened lawsuits at the relevant police stations to take action against those who destroyed the signboards, U Min Aung said. 

“The leader of the township election campaign committee has opened lawsuits, but I’m not aware of the specifics,” he added. 

The 2020 general election is slated for November 8, with the official campaign period kicking off on September 8. 

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