Downtown Kyauktaw

DMG Newsroom
4 November 2022, Kyauktaw 

An internally displaced person (IDP) and another local man in Kyauktaw Township, who had been detained by the military for some three months, were reportedly transferred to a police station on the morning of November 3. 

The Myanmar military arrested U Kyaw Hein, a 40-year-old traditional medicine practitioner from Kavi Yadana displacement camp, and U Maung Saw Thar, a motorcycle taxi driver from Thayettapin village in Kyauktaw Township, on July 19 and August 1 respectively, and the pair were transferred to the Kyauktaw Myoma police station on Thursday. 

“A police officer phoned a village official this morning, saying the two men were being held at the police station. When we went to the police station to meet the duo, we were not allowed to see them. We were told that the police will not allow family members to see two detained men for the time being,” said Daw Ma Aye Khin, the wife of U Maung Saw Thar. 

U Maung Saw Thar was arrested after he transported two passengers to the Mahamuni Buddha statue in Kyauktaw on August 1 and family members have not been in contact with him since his arrest. 

U Kyaw Hein, a traditional medicine practitioner, went missing while returning to Kavi Yadana displacement camp after providing medical treatment to a patient from neighbouring Kangyishin IDP camp on the night of July 19. Family members have not seen or heard from him since then. 

“I went to the police station after bringing a food carrier and clothes when I received a phone call from a policeman saying that my husband is currently held at the police station,” said Daw Aye Than, the wife of U Kyaw Hein. “We had to talk at a distance from each other at the police station. I don’t know exactly whether he is injured or safe. At least I saw that he was still alive.” 

Family members said that it is not yet known whether a case has been opened against the two men, but they are worried that a case will be opened followed by a sham trial that unjustly lands them in prison.  

“He [U Kyaw Hein] went missing while returning to the displacement camp after providing medical treatment to a patient,” his wife said. “Only when I got to the police station, I found out that he was not alive. I am worried that he will be charged with various counts and imprisoned.”  

DMG attempted to contact the head of the Kyauktaw Myoma police station and Arakan State Minister for Security and Border Affairs Colonel Kyaw Thura regarding the matter, but they could not be reached. 

Meanwhile, family members have not been in contact with a resident of Apaukwa Village and a 43-year-old rice mill owner from Kardi aka Thazin Village in Arakan State’s Kyauktaw Township, who were arrested by the military on October 2 on suspicion of having ties to the Arakan Army (AA).

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