Min Tun | DMG

October 23, Sittwe

A land survey staff member was taken from his house by the police from Myoma police station of Buthidaung around 12 p.m. of October 22 for questioning, the family said.

The person questioned, was U Maung Hla Thein and he lives in No 5 ward in Buthidaung town, and he was taken by police and military security forces.

“He was taken to police station about 12 p.m. He is okay, they cannot keep him there for a long time without showing any justification. Now they are questioning him,” U Maung Shwe Thein, brother of U Maung Hla Thein said.

He added that the police haven’t told them yet why his brother was being questioned.

U Maung Hla Thein is a level 4 staff member at the land surveying department in Buthidaung and has been working there for nearly 20 years.

DMG tried to contact Myoma police station of Buthidaung to ask about the case. But No one responded.

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