Nay Yaung Min / DMG

April 10, Sittwe

An injured child from Chaung Thit village in Mrauk-U Township, who was wounded during a clash on April 9, was transferred to Sittwe Hospital due to bleeding from her lungs, according to a resident.

Daw Hla Nu, 25 years old, got injured in the right side of her chest while her daughter Ma Myat Aye Khin, over one year old,  received a bullet wound in the left side of her chest.

“While they were hiding in a monastery, bullets hit the roof. A bullet hit the mother first and then hit the daughter,” one of the residents from Mrauk-U said.

They were wounded at about 10 p.m, but sent them to Mrauk-U hospital the next morning because of ongoing fighting.

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