Arakan State Soil Addicted to Chemical Fertilisers

Admin 15 Feb 2023

Written by Gaung

“Every crop grown in this soil turns into a bumper harvest, and rice and fruits are abundant in the land of Arakanese people.” 

So goes a lyric from the song “This is the Arakanese nation, this is Arakan land,” written by Arakanese composer Ko Than Maung, describing how fertile the soil is, and how successful the agriculture industry is, in Arakan State.

But things are quite the opposite in Arakan State today, with the agriculture industry on...

Can Myanmar Junta Hold a Meaningful Vote in 2023?

03 Feb 2023

“If the military regime wants to hold elections in Arakan State, it depends on the ULA/AA,” the ex-legislator told DMG. “At this time, there is no political solution, and the military council is facing armed revolution, no matter which election system is used to hold the election.”

Danger Descendant From Arakan’s Mayu Mountain Range

15 Jan 2023

Annually, villagers in northern Arakan State face danger from wild elephants that often come to eat their rice plants at night. As the pachyderms wander through paddy fields in search of tasty grains, the rice plants are inevitably trampled.

Arakan State Farmers Struggle to Adapt to Climate Change 

30 Dec 2022

Local farmers in Arakan State say the quality of paddy is poor due to lack of rainwater when the plants most need it, as well as farmers not being able to use fertilisers as liberally as they would prefer due to rising costs.

A Second Ceasefire on the Arakan Front

09 Dec 2022

Many political analysts and average folk who thought that the fighting between the Myanmar military and Arakan Army (AA) would only further intensify during the dry season were taken aback by the news of an unexpected ceasefire recently.

Telecommunications Revolution Leaves Pauktaw Villagers Behind

Moe Pauk 03 Nov 2022

The rapidly expanding access to smartphones saw Myanmar leapfrog into the mobile internet age, which improved the socioeconomic lives of millions of people in many parts of the country. But Phadu villagers were left behind.

As Sittwe Creek Narrows, Its Prospects Dim

DMG 01 Oct 2022

On a recent visit, DMG found that at least five vessels had been abandoned in Sat Roe Kya Creek, with some badly rusted out and others left in the middle of the creek. DMG was told that some of those vessels are owned by the department of Inland Water Transport and previously ran routes on various waterways in the state, but had been retired and left to ruin in the creek.

Can Sittwe Be Saved From Itself?

DMG 01 Sep 2022

Consider that in 2018, there were just eight garbage trucks, an inadequate number to meet the needs of the Sittwe population. What’s more, the lack of skilled manpower for trash collection has led to avoidable negative consequences, such as the spread of disease. Underfunding of Sittwe’s trash collection system is just one facet of a much larger dysfunction when it comes to municipal environmental policy.

In Myanmar’s West, a People Remain Oppressed

Nay Myo Linn 31 Jul 2022

Arakan State is the second poorest state in Myanmar, with very limited job opportunities. Arakanese people therefore often seek work abroad, or in large Myanmar cities like Yangon and Mandalay. Muslims, however, can’t do so. They are barred from leaving Arakan State, and those who try to leave are arrested and locked up by authorities if caught. 

Opening Closed Doors in Arakan State

27 Jul 2022

Last year, AA officials came and met with Muslim faith leaders, Buddhist monks and community elders, and called for peaceful coexistence between the two communities. It was followed by members of the two communities getting back in contact with each other after a lengthy gap in communications for many.

Mro Ethnic Group’s Ritual Slaughter Carries On Among Some

Min Tun 21 Jul 2022

On the second day of the ritual slaughter, villagers must go up the hill to cut bamboo to build a traditional platform. The villagers use the bamboo they have to cut to build a traditional platform attached to the host’s home.

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