When he was young, he used to look at Shit Thaung and Koe Thaung temples in Mrauk-U and draw portraits in sketchbooks. Following his passions, U Hla Gyi studied painting and other forms of art one by one.

“The Arakan traditional drum cannot be carved in the rainy season. ... The cowhide used to make an Arakan traditional drum needs to be out of the rain,” he explained.

“My thought was that if we had to describe the dress of the Arakanese kings in Arakan State, it would be like the dress of Myanmar,” said Gana Sein, a 67-year-old man from Arakan State’s Pauktaw Township, describing what he saw as a problem that he has set out to address.

Mrauk-U Archaeology Department has requested Nay Pyi Taw to provide funding for urgent repairs to the historic Mauk Taw gate in Mrauk-U ancient city, Arakan State.

The Mauk Taw gate is one of the gates that remains in good condition, but pieces of the gate were chipped from the arch due to the lack of timely maintenance, said Daw Khin Than, chairperson of the Mrauk-U Cultural Heritage Conservation Group.

The yearly Rakhine water festival held by Rakhine Cultural Preservation Committee in Mi Zan ward in Sittwe will be cancelled this year, according to the Committee.