Before COVID-19, 73.57 million (11%) out of 653.9 million people in ASEAN were living in abject poverty in 2018. Millions more are at the cusp of falling into poverty with economies struggling to resume and full recovery a long way away.

Maurice Collis, one of the authors who wrote about the history of Mrauk-U ancient city and royal palace, said in his book “Into Hidden Burma” that Sittwe was a city that brought him good luck. 

Mangrove forests can be seen along the coastal intertidal zone. The trees and shrubs that are wildly grown along the banks of rivers and by the coast may look useless, but they’re a gift of nature; they effectively benefit both people and animals all year round.                            

The AA participated in the peace process from 2012 to 2015 together with other ethnic armed groups, especially in nationwide ceasefire talks. However, in the latest peace dialogues between former president U Thein Sein and ethnic armed groups, three northern alliances including the AA were excluded.

During battles between the Tatmadaw and AA, many villages were inspected.  Soldiers raided houses in Thameehla village in Rathedaung Township and took money and gold in February, villagers said.

“There’s always different sounds of gunfire during a battle,” retired lance corporal U Tun Kyaw Sein angrily said about gunfire that occurred in the downtown area of Mrauk-U at around 7 p.m on March 18.


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