Khaing Roe La | DMG
11 February, Sittwe
An accounting of the struggles faced by students from IDP camps in Arakan State will be submitted to the National Reconciliation and Peace Center (NRPC), said youth peace ambassadors from Sittwe University.

A conference on peace and conflict resolution was held at Sittwe University on February 9 under the guidance of the NRPC, with a focus on one question: “How do we resolve education difficulties facing young people from conflict-affected areas?”

Three common agreements resulted from the conference, including recognition of the hardships of students sheltering at IDP camps and the security concerns of teachers working in conflict-affected areas.

These points will be presented to the NRPC, according to Salai Tun Hla Kyaw, a youth peace ambassador from Sittwe University.

“People who are living in conflict zones are at risk and are facing difficulties and losses because they cannot conduct their business,” he said.

Ma Su Myat Kaythi Khaing, a peace ambassador from Sittwe University, said they would convey the voices of Arakanese youth to the NRPC.

“I want to let it be known how Arakanese young people are feeling and what they hope for with regard to peace. People from the NRPC did not know what was happening here,” she said.

Fighting between the Tatmadaw and Arakan Army (AA) in Arakan State has displaced more than 100,000 people, including students whose educational pursuits have been interrupted by the conflict.

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