Bo Bo Min Thike, a former township administrator of Mrauk-U

Those involved in the murder of Bo Bo Min Thike, a former township administrator of Mrauk-U, have been served with three lawsuits at the Ponnagyun Township Police Station, and it is known that officials concerned and nearby villagers are being interrogated at the Rakhine State Police Headquarters.

Tin Maung Win, the chief constable of the Ponnagyun Police Force said that Bo Bo Min Thike was found dead with 16 stab wounds in his chest and upon his hands, in an overturned car near a drain beside the Yangon-Sitetway Highway, situated between Yoe Ngu and Aung Phyu Pyin villages, in Ponnagyun Township at 6 PM, on the 30th January.

“I got there late; only after the security officers. The body was on its back then. The car was beside the road in the drain. But the body was on the road.” said the administrator of Yoe Ngu, who visited the scene.

The body was known to be taken to the hospital of Ponnagyun. Then there was an outbreak of fire in the car, which was left at the scene, which occurred at about 8 PM.  

Ko Hla Gyi Maung said three strangers were seen entering the forest to the west, by the time the car got down into the drain according to the villagers nearby.

“I came out, just as I heard a car crashing down into the drain. Three men were running from the car. And very shortly, some small cars turned up. Then they all ran away. But, there remained one man on the ground. I didn’t know whether he was alive or dead. I stood there for a while, but dared not stay for long,” said Ko Hla Gyi Maung.

With regards to the murder case, U/13, 2018 criminal law – 302 (Murder lawsuit), article 440 (lawsuit for intention of murder) and article 114 (lawsuit for supporting crime) are known to have been filed at the Township Police Station of Ponnagyun.

The body of U Bo Bo Min Thike was sent to the operation centre of Sitetway General Hospital on the 31st January.

Bo Bo Min Thike was the township administrator of Mrauk-U during the Mrauk-U conflict. Afterwards, he was transferred to the Rakhine State General Administration Office to serve as an assistant director.

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