Dr. Aye Maung under arrest by Sitetway Police

Daw Aye Nu Sein, Vice-Chairperson of the ANP and an advocate has said that ANP was committed to providing legal support to Dr. Aye Maung and writer Wai Hun Aung who have been charged with three offenses related to State Treason and Unlawful Association Acts.

It is known that Dr. Aye Maung and writer Wai Hun Aung were detained at Rathedaung Township police station and Sitetway District police station for their speeches during a literature event held on the 15th of January in Rathedaung, in which they urged Rakhine people to go on fighting to escape from being enslaved by Burmese,

“I just wonder if the situation going on really has to do with the lawsuits they filed, and why is there such great fear, heavy lawsuits, mounting concerns, bitter irritation, and dissatisfaction occurring? As we see the need of legal support to handle all this, we set up this committee”, Daw Aye Nu Sein said. Likewise, ANP also claims to support those being threatened with legal action by the State Government for being involved in the Mrauk-U conflict that broke out on the 16th of January.

Hence, the Vice Chairperson of ANP, Daw Aye Nu Sein, said the ANP established a legal support committee of six lawyers to help people that were detained and charged on the 25th January.

Mass protests in several townships of Rakhine State, such as Mhan Aung, Kyauktaw, Minbya and Maungdaw broke out, demanding the immediate release of Dr. Aye Maung and writer Wai Hun Aung.

“The arrests of Dr. Aye Maung and  writer Wai Hun Aung under article no. 17 (1), of the so- called State Treason Law, are not backed with any solid evidence. This shouldn’t be done during the period of honoring the 21st Panglong Peace Conference. We condemn arresting such leaders,” said U Than Naing, who organized the protest in Mhan Aung.

The government has declared the case of Dr. Aye Maung and writer Wai Hun Aung to have opened under Articles 17(1)(2) and 505(a)(b), and including the criminal law of State Treason.

Dr. Aye Maung is the chairman of the Arakan National Party (ANP), and the rights of the party chairman have now been restricted.

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