Win Nyunt | DMG

20 May, Sittwe 

Five people including 100-household heads from Khabaw and Marlar (Mro) villages in Kyauktaw Township were released on May 19, one day after being abducted, according to a 100-household head from Khabaw village. 

The Khabaw village 100-household head, U Pan Thar, as well as two 100-household heads from Marlar (Mro) village and two other men arrived back at their homes on Tuesday morning after being held by unknown captors for a day. 

“We do not know exactly who captured us. We do not know the place we were taken because our faces were covered with masks. We were released yesterday at about 11 a.m.,” U Pan Thar said.

 In a statement on May 19, the Tatmadaw said the Arakan Army had abducted five people including 100-household heads from Khabaw and Marlar (Mro) villages on the afternoon of May 18.

 Eight men and four women from the two villages left for Kyauktaw town earlier that day to take supplies for COVID-19 preventive measures provided by the State, and to buy other necessary items, the statement said.

 After the group of 12 split up to shop at the market in Kyauktaw, the five men were abducted by the AA between noon and 12:30 p.m., according to the Tatmadaw statement. 

 While detained, U Pan Thar said the men were asked whether they were sending food to the military.

 “We answered that we were told to buy some items they need while we were buying for ourselves,” he said.

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