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Zaw Zaw (Mrauk-U) | DMG
16 December 2020, Mrauk-U

Kaman people are protesting a message sent by Myanmar’s commander-in-chief, Senior-General Min Aung Hlaing, on Arakan State Day 2020, which they note failed to include their group among a list of state ethnicities enumerated.

The Kaman Ethnic Youths Association issued a statement on Wednesday objecting to the December 15 letter from the army chief, which mentioned Arakanese tribes such as the Thet, Daingnet, Mro, Khami, and Maramargyi, but excluded the Kaman ethnic group.

“We welcome the message on the 46th anniversary of Arakan State Day, but we don’t understand; why did the military chief exclude the ethnic Kaman in the message? Kaman is one of the 135 official ethnic groups in Myanmar, as well as one of the seven ethnic groups in Arakan State,” said Ko Yan Naing Soe, information officer for the Kaman Ethnic Youths Association.

“What is the purpose of the military chief in omitting the Kaman people, who have been living in Arakan State for generations? Did the Tatmadaw, which is defending national unity, omit the Kaman people living in Arakan State intentionally?”

The Kaman people are cooperating with the government for the development of the country, he added.

“The Tatmadaw needs to be honest,” said U Tin Hlaing Win, general secretary of the Kaman National Development Party. “The Kaman ethnic group should not be left out when describing the ethnic groups in Arakan State. Such omissions are at odds with the Tatmadaw’s claim of [fostering] national unity and non-disintegration of the union. The military chief’s reckless remarks also undermine national unity.”

The Kaman Ethnic Social Network also released a statement on December 16 urging the commander-in-chief to add the name of the Kaman ethnic group to his message.

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