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29 March 2021, Minbya

With no pipeline or pumping facilities to distribute water from reservoirs in Minbya, residents of the town say they are facing water scarcity year after year.

There are three reservoirs and several lakes in and around Minbya town. The Myaung Gyi reservoir alone holds 145 million gallons, the Phalaung Pyin reservoir holds 67 million gallons, and the Garin Kyine reservoir holds 20 million gallons.

But without additional distribution mechanisms in place, water consumption in the town is higher than the supply capacity of the reservoirs, and townspeople complain of suffering water shortages annually.  

“Water tanks to collect water from the reservoirs have already been built, but there is no pumping station,” explained U Kyaw Min Khaing, chair of the Minbya Town Development Affairs Committee. “It can be implemented depending on next year’s budget allocation. If we cannot get a pumping station, Minbya will face challenges to access water supply.”

With Minbya facing water scarcity every year, consumption of water bought from other sources is common — and poses health risks, according to Minbya resident Ma Aye Aye Aung.

“When I have to consume water bought from an available source, my skin gets itchy because the water is not clean enough,” she said.

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