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29 April 2021, Sittwe

All teachers have been instructed to report to their schools on May 3, said Arakan State Educational Officer U Tin Thein.

He said the Department of Basic Education issued a letter on April 16 instructing teachers to report to their schools concerned, and that a similar letter was sent to all schools in Arakan State on the same day.

“Teachers have to prepare to resume schools on June 1. They need to arrange classrooms to be in line with COVID-19 regulations and to draw timetables for the classes,” he said.

The relevant principals will update teachers further regarding instructions on the day teachers are taking out their salary and they are told to submit the list of those who fail to come to school on May 3, he said.

“The instruction said to prepare to resume schools on June 1, but it does not say when students can enroll in schools,” he added.

A teacher from Thandwe Township, who did not wish to reveal her name, said the principal phoned on Wednesday morning and told her to come to school on May 3.

“I have to sign, on the day to take out my salary, that I do not join CDM [Civil Disobedience Movement]. And the headmistress phoned me to come to school on May 3,” she said.

Schools and universities have mostly been closed since 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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