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23 June, Sittwe

The Arakan Front Party (AFP) has announced it will employ the concept of “national politics” according to Dr Aye Maung’s directive when the party undertakes activities centered in Sittwe, capital of Arakan State.

The AFP in which is comprised mostly of resigned members from the Arakan National Party (ANP) has formed a township level executive committee after it opened a head office in Sittwe. Members of the AFP have already engaged in activities such as putting up party sign boards in wards and villages and launching other campaign activities.

“We can say Sittwe Township is a hard-core area for the AFP because we have a large number of supporters there. The ANP had a big disagreement among people in Sittwe. It was a good opportunity for our party,” U Kyaw Lwin, vice chairman of the AFP told the DMG.

A military boat was attacked on 22 June and security has been tight in Sittwe Township, locals are worried about regional instability. So, the AFP started erecting political sign boards leaders from the AFP said. The AFP set up boards in seven villages in Sittwe Township now.

“With the intention to elevate local people’s spirits, we set up sign boards in Sittwe Township while they are concerned about regional instability,” U Kyaw Lwin said.

The AFP has decided to erect sign boards and carry out campaign activities in Sittwe Township first, and continue their activities in six other townships in Arakan State. But, U Kyaw Lwin did not elaborate which townships they intended to pursue their activities in.

He added that the party will work for national politics as Dr Aye Maung had instructed.

“National politics” means they will champion Arakanese people’s safety and development, he explained.

Dr Aye Maung resigned from the position of the chairperson of the ANP, a powerful party in Arakan State. The AFP appeared after he had instructed his son and some supporters while he was facing trial for his remarks in a literature talk to mark the 233rd anniversary of the fall of the Arakanese kingdom.

The Union Election Commission (UEC) allowed the establishment of the AFP in February and it has currently accumulated over 2000 members.


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