Sein Ko Ko | DMG 

22 July, Thandwe 

More than 30 hotels in Ngapali Beach, Arakan State, have temporarily closed during the rainy season, according to the Thandwe district Hotel and Tourism Department.

The Ngapali beach is a popular destination for tourists and local travelers, but some hotels have had to halt operations during the rainy season.

“The number of guests drops this time of year so hotels find it better to shut down and reopen after the rain is over,” said U Myint Soe, assistant director of the Thandwe district Hotel and Tourism Department.

Hotels that have beach front property encounter high tides, rough surf and strong wind during the rainy season so the number of guests drops off significantly, U Naing Kywel Aye, Arakan State MP in Thandwe Township said.

He added that the temporary shutdown of hotels is not in any way connected with the armed conflicts in Arakan State.

Authorities have arranged to open casinos in hotels so that hotels can run some of its operations in the rainy season, the lawmaker said.

“In Vietnam, hotels closed in rainy season. But, authorities kept the casinos open, hoteliers don’t need to completely close hotels during the rainy season. If the casinos stay open some guest may visit some hotels,” U Naing Kywel Aye said.

Some hotels in ancient city Mrauk-U have closed or reduced staff because of the rainy season and ongoing struggles that are taking place in the region.


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