DMG Newsroom
17 May 2022, Ann 

The Arakan State military council has imposed restrictions on the supply of rice to Dar Lat Chaung village-tract in Ann Township since May 6, according to local residents. 

The Myanmar military used to allow locals to transport rice into the area once a week, but now junta troops have blockaded both land and water routes, said a local resident in Dar Lat Chaung village who asked for anonymity due to security concerns. 

“The regime has banned the supply of rice both by road and water. It said we are allowed to bring in rice only once a week. We don’t know how long the restrictions will last,” said the unnamed Dar Lat Chaung villager. 

There are more than 40 villages in Dar Lat Chaung village-tract, and rice is mainly bought in from neighbouring Minbya Township. Locals said they don’t know the reason why the Myanmar military has recently imposed restrictions on rice supplies. 

“Job opportunities are scarce in the area now, and a basket of rice costs up to 10,000 kyats . Locals are not allowed to transport rice, which could lead to more food shortages in the next 20 days,” said another resident of Dar Lat Chaung village-tract. 

The Arakan State military council has not yet commented on the ban on rice supplies to Dar Lat Chaung village-tract. 

During the fighting between Myanmar’s military and the Arakan Army (AA) from late 2018 to November 2020, the military also imposed restrictions on rice supplies to Dar Lat Chaung village-tract, causing rice shortages that similarly led to duress for local residents.

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