Dr. Myint Myint San, the Maungdaw District education officer, was admitted to Maungdaw Hospital with stab wounds that ultimately proved fatal. (Photo: Maungdaw Garuna Network)

DMG Newsroom
2 October 2022, Maungdaw

The education officer for Maungdaw District in Arakan State was reportedly stabbed to death at around 6 p.m. on Sunday, according to the local education community.

The deceased has been identified as 58-year-old Dr. Myint Myint San. She was stabbed to death by three unknown assailants at the district education officer’s office in the town of Maungdaw, said a source who declined to be named for security reasons.

“There are many people who keep the Sabbath and do good deeds today. It is not yet known who killed her. She was stabbed to death and her body is being kept at Maungdaw Hospital,” the source told DMG.

Dr. Myint Myint San reportedly suffered stab wounds to her chest, face and neck, and was taken to Maungdaw Hospital where she died while receiving medical treatment.

Dr. Myint Myint San was transferred to the Maungdaw District education officer’s office only about one year ago.

DMG continues to attempt to contact the Arakan State education officer and Maungdaw Township police station to find out more about the killing of the Maungdaw District education officer.

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