(The group of Arakan State government led by Chief Minister U NyiPu at the 55th Myanmar Police Force Day event)

Phadu Tun Aung | DMG
October 1, Sittwe

Two policemen who attacked rebels together with Tatmadaw received awards at the 55th Myanmar Police Force Day ceremony held in U Ottama Hall, Sittwe, on October 1.

The award-winning policemen are Police Lance-Corporal Thein Tun and Police Private MyatNaing from Sittwe Township Police Force. At the event, it was said that Police Lance-Corporal TheinTun cooperated with Tatmadaw at Pan Myaung Police camp in June, and Police Private Myat Naing collaborated with the Tatmadaw while serving at Tin Nyo camp in Mrauk-U Township.

The term “rebel” was used at the event when handing out the awards, but it didn’t say which group it was referring to. The Tatmadaw and government call the Arakan Army (AA) rebels.

“We have to rely on the Tatmadaw when we cannot go or do something ourselves. If the Tatmadaw asks for our help when they have to act against rebels, we have to help them,” Arakan State Police Chief Colonel Kyi Lin said at the event.
Fighting continues between Tatmadaw and AA in Minbya and Mrauk-U townships.

The AA attacked police stations in Arakan State because they believed that the police force was cooperating with the Tatmadaw to attack them. The Tatmadaw has denied the AA’s accusations about the police stations.

At the Myanmar Police Force Day celebration, police officials who captured drug criminals and who solved murder cases within 24 hours were also given awards.

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