Kyaw Thu Htay | DMG
October 7, Sittwe

While a couple from Ingyin village of Sanyin village tract in Myebon Township, Arakan State, were strolling around in the forest to chop firewood, the wife stepped on a landmine and suffered injuries to her legs, village administrator U Maung Shwe Thein said.

The accident happened around noon on October 7 to Ma Shwe Khin Kyi, 19, and she was sent to Ann Township’s hospital with severe injuries.

“Her husband was walking in front of her and he missed the mine, but she stepped on it. She is now at Ann hospital. There is no flesh left on her calf. The doctor said she is in serious condition,” U Maung Shwe Thein said.

The incident occurred two furlongs from Ingyin village. Locals said that Tatmadaw soldiers set up a camp on that site on September 24 and 25 and shot weapons into the nearby mountains.

The Tatmadaw and Arakan Army (AA) didn’t previously attack in the Myebon area but recently fighting has been occurring there.

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