Min Tun | DMG
12 October, Sittwe
Over 100 suspects were involved in the charge against 23 detained residents from Lekka Village, Mrauk-U Township in Arakan State, according to the defense lawyers.
23 residents from Lekka Village, Mrauk-U Township were arrested in April on suspicion of associating with the Arakan Army (AA) and were charged in May. There have been some delays in the trial process as the judges have yet to investigate the case, U Aung Sit Min, defense lawyer of the detainees said.
“Interrogation of the fugitives takes time. The case is just the interrogation of the suspects. The court has yet to probe into the original charge,” he said.
23 detainees from Lekka Village in Mrauk-U Township were sued by the Tatmadaw under the Counterterrorism Law and Arms Act 1949.
The court ordered the police to submit the arrest warrant for more than 100 people in connection with the 23 villagers who were arrested on suspicion of having links to the Arakan Army. But he notified the court that the accused couldn’t attend the trial due to situations in their area, U Aung Sit Min added.
“The court directed the police to submit the arrest warrant for the suspects. The police requested the judge to set the next hearing date for 22 October since the people couldn’t appear in court due to various reasons,” he said.
A military column of the Tatmadaw clashed with the Arakan Army (AA) near Lekka Village in Mrauk-U Township on 10 April and arrested 27 suspects for allegedly helping the Arakan Army (AA).
The 27 villagers were arrested and detained by the Tatmadaw on suspicion of having ties to the Arakan Army (AA) and three detainees have died in military detention.
The Tatmadaw said three detainees died from a heart condition, a hanging and withdrawal from illicit drugs. But the family members of the deceased said they didn’t trust in the statement released by the Tatmadaw because they didn’t see the bodies of the detainees.
One of the defendants identified as Mg Soe Moe Kyaw is a minor and was granted bail by the Mrauk-U court on 27 August. But being an accused, he is still facing trial at the court.

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