MRAUK-U : Nu Mra San, the chairperson of the sub-committee for proposal writing, has reported that an international level proposal for the Anandacandra inscription to be listed as an item of world cultural heritage will be made in March.

“National level submission is done. It was in August of 2017. In March 2018, we will submit to the international level”, said she.

The Anandacandra inscription pillar is said to record the names of total 16 kings in 729 A.D and their ruling periods, and three sides of the pillar is engraved with 200 years difference between each other side, reported Daw Nu Mra San.

‘We will try our best until it has been submitted to the international level. Whether or not it would be granted is up to the assessment committee. It is possible unless they mix it with politics. The assessment committee includes people from the international community. If they mix it with politics, things might change”, said she.

Papers were read by local and international experts regarding the Sanskrit writing of the Anandacandra Inscription, which was held on 24th January, in order to assist the effort for enlisting the inscription as an item of world cultural heritage.

Ven. Tay Za, a Chakma monk who is studying Arakanese Sanskrit said that an erroneous long-held belief could have been renounced.

“The Anandacandra inscription could shake off a long held mistaken belief that the Candra dynasty derived from the family of Silusiva, a king of supernatural beings”, said he.

Myazedi and Kuthodaw inscriptions in Myanmar have been recognized as items of world cultural heritage, the Anandacandra inscription will become the third world heritage item of Myanmar, if it is recognized.

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