Kyaw Thu Htay/DMG

October 29, Sittwe

The Tatmadaw and the Arakan Army (AA) have been fighting near Taung Phyu Mountain in Pan Myaung village, Minbya Township, Arakan State since October 27 and the Tatmadaw launched air attacks during the fighting, the locals said.

According to locals, clashes are still going on, and the Tatmadaw has used three helicopters to attack the AA.

“There is a mountain called Taung Phyu which is one mile away from Pan Myaung village. The Tatmadaw helicopters flew near the mountain around 2 p.m. today [October 29] and the soldiers shot at the surrounding areas for about 20 minutes,” an anonymous resident said.

Pan Myaung residents are worried that the stray bullets would be fired in their village.

Colonel Win Zaw Oo from the Western Command said that the Tatmadaw would use the helicopter when it is necessary.

“As long as they [the AA soldiers] are there [in Arakan State], the Arakan State won’t be stable. That’s why we will have to use helicopters to eradicate them,” he said.

The alliance of three armed groups stated on October 29 that the Tatmadaw continues attacks in Arakan, Kokang and Ta’aung regions by using its army, navy and air force, and the alliance groups have to respond to the attacks even though they aren’t willing to.

The Statement also mentioned that the Tatmadaw should stop its attacks as soon as possible and start the dialogues with sincerity. Otherwise, the Tatmadaw will have to take responsibility for the results if they don’t stop the attacks.

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