Junta shifts artillery to Taungup

Admin 13 Jun 2024

The regime has tightened security, and reinforced troops and weapons since early this month. Taungup residents have reported spotting hundreds of Muslim conscripts among the ranks of junta battalions in Taungup.

AA ramps up assault on military camps in Ann Twsp

Admin 13 Jun 2024

The AA simultaneously launched attacks on the military’s Tawhein tactical command base near Kazukaing Village along with some military camps and Point 299 near Shaukchon Village on June 12.

Arakan State tops list of junta rights violations last week

Admin 11 Jun 2024

The Myanmar regime, which faces defeat militarily in Arakan State, has been attacking innocent civilians and committing widespread human rights violations since the 2021 military coup, especially so in Arakan State of late.

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