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Khin Tharaphy Oo | DMG

11 June, Sittwe

A village administrator from a village in Kyauktaw Township was injured after he stepped on a landmine on the morning of 11 June.

U Ye Tun, the village administrator from Phat Won Chaung village was hit by shrapnel in both of his legs while he was heading to a mountain about one mile away from the village to search for food.

“He stepped on a mine. Now, he is in Kyauktaw hospital for medical treatment. Both of his legs were injured. The injury to his right leg is more severe than his left leg,” his wife, Daw Khae Ma Phyu said.

U Ye Tun and his wife went together to search for food, he stepped on a landmine when they were passing through farmland that had been torched for cultivation purposes. Fortunately, his wife was not injured by the landmine.

Causalities of villagers due to landmine detonations occur very often in Arakan State since the clashes started between the Tatmadaw and Arakan Army (AA).

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