Unity without equality is a nonstarter

Rammar Kyaw Saw 17 Mar 2020

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi was an initial skeptic, saying during a foreign trip then: “Ethnic armed groups need to consider before signing the NCA immediately because it still has some weaknesses.” However, when she took office, she invited ethnic armed groups to sign the NCA in good faith, with no amendments having been made to the document.

Arakan political parties and 2020 election prospects

Ramma Kyaw Saw 21 Feb 2020

The number of IDPs continues to grow in northern Arakan State. Already commonplace clashes could grow in frequency and intensity, and the war zone could expand, as the weather grows more favorable for military maneuvers in the coming months. The logistical difficulties of arranging a vote under such circumstances is obvious.

Peace cannot be achieved while war profiteers endure

27 Jan 2020

Nation-building and state-building should take into consideration the features of all citizens living within the confines of a country’s borders. This idea ensures stability in a country, and it is an essential element of a democractic federal union, where all are placed on an equal footing: To paraphrase the words of founding father Gen. Aung San, “If the Bamar get one kyat, the Karen will get one kyat.”

Third-party thinking toward a potential path to peace

21 Jan 2020

Myanmar has endured internal conflicts for more than 70 years. It is frequently described as the world’s longest ongoing civil war. The conflicts today are, at their core, about a lack of equality and self-determination in ethnic areas. Although Myanamr is rich in natural resources, its development has lagged globally and among regional counterparts, due in part to the negative effects of civil war.

Amid Development at Kyaukphyu, a Question Persists: For the Benefit of Whom?

01 Jan 2020

Regarding the Kyaukphyu Special Economic Zone, some residents believe it will bring jobs if businesses come in with their technological expertise brought to bear. But others’ fears are also a big part of the discussion. Among their concerns: The SEZ could harm the environment, lands could be forcefully confiscated, and it may only be large companies that profit from the development, with local residents losing out.

Poverty, political uncertainty go hand-in-hand in Arakan

Tun Kyi (Kalabar) 31 Dec 2019

The poverty rate in Myanmar as a whole is 25.6%, according to 2014 statistics from the World Bank, while Arakan State’s is 43.5 percent. In other words, Arakan has nearly twice the national poverty rate. That is a very concerning situation for the future, and it also shows that it is time the government implemented special plans for Arakan State.

Capital punishment for social outcasts

16 Oct 2019

Two young men, wearing hats with their hands together in a gesture of respect, hope to be released from their fate. They want the truth. People from Myanmar and around the world want the truth also.

Effective planning needed to curb flood disasters in Sittwe

25 Sep 2019

Flooding occurs in wards of Arakan State’s capital Sittwe when it is raining continuously, especially in low-lying areas. Local residents relocate their important possessions from downstairs to upstairs; they have no other options.

Heed the voice of the people

Rakha 29 Aug 2019

Currently Myanmar is slowly and steadily evolving into a democratic country. Yet, Arakan State is filled with the desperate sounds of weapons, screams, cries and moans. At this point in time the destitute people that live in utter squalor can only hope for a miracle.

Rule of law can bring prosperity to Arakan State

12 Aug 2019

Both sides claim that they are fighting for the common people. Yet, they forget to protect local residents from the risks of war. Thus, both armed organizations need to follow the rules that take into account the rights of people so that they can win the hearts and minds of the people. People cannot prevent war, but they should at least be granted clemency.

Opinions and comments on the death of civilians

17 Jun 2019

The DMG’s reporter Khaing Mrat Naing asked for the opinions and comments of politicians, human rights activists and lecturers on the death of civilians, IDPs due to the armed conflict in Arakan State.

Black sky at night, villagers feel fright

Aung Kyi Moe (Thin Bone Dan) 18 May 2019

Some of them took refuge at IDP camps because they are afraid of going into the forest because of clashes near their villages while some of them took refuge because they could not continue their traditional farming practices because of dangers of landmines buried in the ground.

Is Peace in Arakan State merely a dream?

Nay Myo Linn 15 May 2019

The Tatmadaw and the government always urged the AA to engage in political dialogues rather than taking up arms and demanding their rights. However, fighting against the government for their own rights is what some Arakanese now prefer.

Feelings of anxiety about future of IDPs

Sein Ko Ko 01 May 2019

Furthermore, IDPs from the camps will endure more hardships because the rainy season will arrive very soon. The refugee camps in the countryside are at schools and monasteries. So, refugees taking shelter in schools are concerned about their daily living because schools will reopen in June.

Aung San Suu Kyi’s trial by fire

Phadu Tun Aung 27 Jan 2019

The relationship between Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s new government and Rakhine people since the 2015 election is getting very tense. In other words, the relationship between Rakhine people and the NLD party is unravelling.

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