The Way of Rakhita Amid Tense Times in Arakan State

Min Thuta 24 Jul 2022

With 25 percent of seats in Parliament guaranteed by the 2008 Constitution for the military, the military-proxy Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) will likely be able to form the government under a PR system. It is still too early, however, to tell if the regime will be able to hold the voting as it plans. More than one year after the coup, the regime still can’t control many towns in central Myanmar, not to mention the ethnic areas, which have been contested for decades. 

Above the Fray, Behind the Scenes of Myanmar’s Spring Revolution

DMG 15 Jun 2022

Today, the Arakanese people and the Arakan Army are inseparable. The Arakanese people are walking in the “Way of Rakhita” set out by the Arakan Army, and showing that they are united. While the fighting has largely stopped, the Arakan Army is consolidating its administrative machinery in Arakan State and even advancing a judiciary independent of the pre-existing court system. This self-governance is one component of the Way of Rakhita. 

Diagnosing What Ails Arakan State’s Political Economy

Myo Nyein Naing 26 May 2022

We can say that Arakan State has been generously endowed with natural resources. However, everyone should bear in mind that natural resources are depletable, and the problem of scarcity must factor into every economic calculus.   

When Rounds of Beer Fund Rounds and Fear

Rammar Kyaw Saw 15 May 2022

Myanmar’s military is undoubtedly at or near the top of the table if we are to make a list of nation-state armies globally that run businesses for profit. It controls around 150 businesses ranging from beer and cigarette production to banking and media, many of which are reaping huge profits. 

A Future Nation-State and the Arakan Army

Gaung 03 Apr 2022

Several nations’ people around the world have come to believe that armed resistance can liberate them from oppression and build sovereignty. As a result, in the current political climate, the people of Myanmar are increasingly recognising that revolution is the key to rebuilding a country that has been torn apart by oppression. 

Arakan Army Looks for a New Political Path in Myanmar

Gaung 21 Mar 2022

As a result, various ethnic groups, including the Arakan Army, have sprung up and are still fighting against dictators — most recently those who installed themselves as the country’s leaders in last year’s coup.

Lessons From History for Self-Determination in the 21st Century

Nay Myo Lin 20 Feb 2022

You may have heard of the famous Arakanese King Min Htee in the Lay Myo Era of the Arakanese people. King Min Htee ascended to the throne at the age of 7 and sat on the bosom of his uncle Anantabaya and ruled the country with love for his people.

Sittwe Must Learn to Clean Up After Itself

DMG 26 Jan 2022

Many people do not like the idea of dumping rubbish along the riverbank. However, there are various opinions in Sittwe about dumping garbage in the river. Some have criticised the lack of landfills and the inability of municipal garbage trucks to reach them, pointing to the need for proper disposal systems.

What Makes a Good Neighbour in Post-Coup Myanmar?

DMG 22 Jan 2022

Independent Myanmar, built and continually refashioned over 70 years, is at one of its lowest points and could become a failed state within the next decade, following the ascension of its latest dictator. In Myanmar, coups have become a tradition, and the military’s upper echelon is a privileged class. But instead of building a prosperous nation, authoritarian families have flourished and grown richer over the past several decades, while the people have become poorer. 

A Uniquely Arakanese Reaction to Myanmar’s Military Coup

DMG 19 Jan 2022

Significantly, after the military coup, National League for Democracy (NLD) members and supporters protested and were arrested in Arakan State, but no significant mass protests were reported. There have been allegations from mainland Myanmar and the international community that the Arakanese people are supporting the military coup, but these assumptions have not been substantiated. 

Education Must Be Revolutionised

10 Jan 2022

“Give me an educated mother, and I shall promise you the birth of a civilised, educated nation,” Napoleon Bonaparte once said. These words make reference to the fact that building a nation relies on how we educate ourselves and others, and why it is important to let emerge the intellectuals who have the capacity to build it, to make it happen;

In Arakan State, Conflict Prevention Is a Cooperative Endeavour

Min Htee 30 Dec 2021

The Arakan Army (AA), which has controlled much of Arakan State since an informal ceasefire with the Myanmar military was reached in November 2020, issued a statement on December 17, 2021. The statement warned the public that nefarious activities were taking place in Arakan State, leading to sectarian tensions, and highlighted five recent developments. 

Capital Crimes in Sittwe

Rammar Kyaw Saw 21 Dec 2021

Motorcycle thefts are happening on a daily basis in Sittwe. However, according to the state police, there are only 12 reported cases of stolen motorcycles in Arakan State. If a motorcycle is stolen, why not report it to the police? One reason is that most motorcycles do not have a licence, and there is a weakness in the judiciary. 

Myanmar’s Political Conflict With Authoritarian-Controlled Resources

Min Htee 14 Dec 2021

Companies from 13 countries — including the United States, France, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Japan, Singapore, Canada, the Netherlands, Austria and South Korea — operate in the Arakan Sea. According to a report released by AOW (Arakan Oil Watch) on November 19, 2021, most of Myanmar’s revenue comes from taxes from the natural gas industry. 

Coup III in Myanmar and the Future of the Country

Min Htee 21 Nov 2021

Despite decades of civil war, political conflicts and poverty, Myanmar seemingly emerged from military dictatorship with the holding of 2010 multi-party general elections. Just over a decade later, the Myanmar military seized power on February 1, 2021, after a third multi-party election and after two terms of successive governments elected by the people. 

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